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Anne Gassel - Candidate for Committeewoman

Anne Gassel is running for the Committeewoman position in the Wild Horse Township in West St Louis County. Anne moved here with her family in 2004 to be closer to her husband’s family who live in and around West County. Prior to moving here she was the Assistant Director of the Engine Manufacturers Association in Chicago, an international trade association whose main purpose is to respond to proposed EPA regulation. She became very familiar with the regulatory process in DC as a result of this work. After moving to Michigan, she volunteered for and was trained by the Grand Rapids Bar Association to work in their lawyer referral service. Anne has used her IT skills to manage databases for several groups and produce newsletters for various organizations.

Since moving to the St. Louis area, Anne has been a stay at home mom who volunteered her time with the PTO, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and New Neighbors League Club. She has worked on campaigns for Chuck Purgason, Allen Icet, Paul Curtman, Ann Wagner, and Shane Schoeller. She was instrumental in creating the Missouri Abigail Adams website in 2010 which provided, in addition to a candidate survey, voter information for candidates throughout the state. That year she also worked with a group investigating possible voter fraud in Missouri. She is currently a Co-Director of the Vacation Liberty School, a week long summer program for kids in grades 5-8, which teaches about our country’s founding, emphasizing the roll of Faith in our founding principles. A year and a half ago she joined The Wild Horse Township Republicans and has since been elected their Secretary. She was elected a delegate to both the 2nd Congressional and State caucuses this year.

Anne is committed to improving the communication between the Republican Party and the grassroot Republicans in Wild Horse Township. Having watched what happened in the local caucus where Republican voters were ill prepared for the process, she wants to both prepare people better for that process and to work with the Party to improve it for the future. She believes that it is critical now for Republicans to pull together, coordinate their activity and energize their members. Those efforts all begin with the Committeemen and Committeewomen in St. Louis County. For too long these positions have languished, drying up sources for identifying new candidates and allowing the electorate to become complacent about voting.

Anne has received the formal endorsement of Speaker Elect/State Rep Tim Jones; State Rep Don Gosen and State Rep Dwight Scharnhorst