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» Scientists create ‘artificial skin’ that could make smartphones ticklish

Scientists create ‘artificial skin’ that could make smartphones ticklishScientists have developed an “artificial skin” that they say can wrap around devices such as smartphones and make them ticklish.The prototype, which has been designed to look like and mimic human skin, responds to different forms of human contact such as tickling, caressing and pinching.

» Meet 'le blob' Paris zoo's new star attraction

Meet 'le blob' Paris zoo's new star attractionThe Paris zoo's latest attraction is a brainless, eyeless, single-celled organism with no limbs or stomach but more than 700 genders. From Saturday, members of the public can become better acquainted with "le blob", which has taken up residence in a large tank at the zoo in Paris' Bois de Vincennes park. Named after the 1958 sci-fi horror movie "The Blob" about an alien creature that crashes to Earth and devours residents of Pennsylvania, the real-life blob consists of a single cell, sometimes with many nuclei that can replicate their DNA and divide.

» Egypt unveils trove of ancient coffins excavated in Luxor

Egypt unveils trove of ancient coffins excavated in LuxorEgypt revealed Saturday a rare trove of 30 ancient wooden coffins that have been well-preserved over millennia in the archaeologically rich Valley of the Kings in Luxor. The antiquities ministry officially unveiled the discovery made at Asasif, a necropolis on the west bank of the Nile River, at a press conference against the backdrop of the Hatshepsut Temple. "This is the first discovery in Asasif by dedicated Egyptian hands, comprised of archaeologists, conservationists and workers," the head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa al-Waziri, told reporters.